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Wanting more?  Check my public facebook page where I post albums of pictures organized by country and theme, as well as the occasional recent selfie and panoramic cover:

Blogs of other traveling adventurers:

I met Jana and Alex in Athens  If you’re planning trip go to the links page on their site and they have a link to a free internet service similar to Google maps but it give a vertical profile of your route at the bottom of the screen. I’ve only use i once ot twice but it’s pretty handy.  Their site is:

I was taking pictures of the harbour of Saint Tropez, France and a gentleman started talking to me.  He wanted to know about my world tour by bike- because he is always intrigued as he drives by. He too, is an epic adventurer.  He’s taken some unlikely cars (a renault 4 and a Porsche 928) so some exotic locations in Asia and Africa.  Between that and travel for work he’s been to 97 countries. Next year he is going to embark on a round the world tour in 2 parts using his 928- best of luck Philippe! His blog is:


When I was waiting for my flight to Istanbul I met a couple with a very little girl that have toured extensively.  So if you don’t believe you can tour because you’re not solo check: for some inspiration.

Keeping with the theme of touring with little humans. could be a great inspiration and  source of information for those who want to tour as a young family.  Ola and Ziggy found me as a host on  while I was stopped to teach English in Rabat.  They were on the road, avoiding the harsh polluted Polish winter and taking advantage of Ola’s maternity leave, touring with there 3 year boy(kajtek) and 6 month old daughter(Ruda)- the youngest cycletourist ever?).

While riding through the Sahara I met a cycletourist with a very unique cycle.  Philippe rides with a trailer and a sail.  very cool.  His blog is;

In the center of Avignon I was talking to some young German travelers who were thinking of busquing and another cycletourist showed up.  We started talking and decided to go to a place for a snack, chat and a charging of electrical devices.  She’s so cool, a musician, a yogi and now an epic cycletourist, she rode from Rotterdam to Lisbon, who proved once again you don’t need great gear (I eyed her bicycle to be less that 300 euros), all you really need is the gumption to go do it.  Her blog is:

Some of my favourite velodromes:



When I was in Sofia Bulgaria I met many great people, John is quite a character.   For some reason I feel that when I say this I should be doing a gesture completely opposite to what I’m saying or get side tracked.  His blog is:

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  1. Hello Keith, we met in Tallin in June 2014. I took a photo of you. It is now on my website: . I enjoyed having met you. Good luck.
    Kind regards

    06/08/2014 at 21:11

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