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Hi Visitor,

If you would like to financially support my travel, photography and cycling, I can now take donations through paypal by clicking this link:

If  you enjoy my picture of the week and you agree with my many friends that say I should make a book.  Send an email to and somewhere include “make me a book” in the email.

The title of my work in progress will be “My life at the side of the road: images from the road sides of Asia”.  I will include no tourist sites unless I arrive at them unplanned and was able to get a good picture that captures the moment and the site  from the road.  I will include real buildings, real people, real landscapes that lucky tourists would have  seen though the window of their bus  or train and thought to themselves they’d like to have a picture of that. The book will have high  quality prints of reasonable size I’m thinking 16×12 (40cmx30cm). All proceeds will go to my travel fund.

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  1. Jake

    Hey man,

    How are you? I met you in Kathmandu. My girlfriend and I were riding shitty bikes to Pokhara. I’m back in Canada working on my environmental science degree. Just want to let you know, I’m living vicariously through your website right now. I live in Ottawa,I plan to move to Vancouver next summer and bike across. I’m riding a vintage peugeot that was made in france. I converted it into a fixie. Anyways, keep pedalling, brother!

    13/11/2012 at 19:17

  2. Jake

    Sorry, if this was not the right place to post. P.S do the book, I’ll buy a copy.

    13/11/2012 at 19:20

  3. Hi Keith,

    Hope everything is OK. Unfortunatelly I haven’t any good news about your phone. It is not responding anymore.

    Thnks for your visit in Wroclaw. We are still under impresion about your world tour. Hope, you will enjoy Poland, and reach all your targets.

    Looking forward to hear from you from time to time. We will observe your website.

    Good luck

    Ela i Darek

    02/06/2014 at 10:40

  4. Hi Keith here is Stephan we cycled a days ago…I hope your fine.I’m still in Izmir.I found a host just by staying at the skatepark…a woman came to me and asked if she could take a picture my bike which I couldn’t understood because she spoke Turkish.So another woman helped and translated.We were than chatting with each other finally she asked me if she could help me…I grabbed the opportunity and replied if she maybe know somebody which would host me.Then she called a guy who is a member of a cyclist group from Facebook called Bike Izmir and asked him if he knows somebody…That guy sends a request over WhatsApp…half an hour later I got two possible hosts:)
    Here is the link for my blog: s

    Good luck mate

    22/11/2016 at 11:06

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