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My Bicycles

super Asia touring bike 2.2


This is the world touring all bike aka theSuper Asia touring bike 2.2


This bike started it’s life as a standard Japanese 5 speed city bike (before the Japanese went to riding moma charries characterized by step through ladies frames and a single speed.)when I found it, hours after the demise of super Asia touring bike 1.3, I had been the victim of  a modernization project and had 700c wheel rather than 26 1 3/8inch, it had modern brakes and a 16 speed drive train… and drop handlebars- I kept the bar as I missed my drop bars 3 weeks after I left Hanoi.  The bike has a complete mix up of parts.  The really nice bits are the dia-comp 75mm reach dual pivot brakes,  nitto stem and the Dura-ace hub in the front wheel, the fenders taken from super Asia touring bike 1, and the frame of course.  The rims are for the Japanese market where 26×1 3/8 is still very popular and high quality is a must.  The rear hub is a novatec double fixed flip flop with a 17 tooth Dicta freewheel on one side and I have 4 fixed gears to put on the other.  I kept the rings off the original cranks and bought a ‘shun’ (cheap Chinese) fixie crank so I have 3 gears for the front.  The seat post is kalloy and the seat is velo.  The topeak 1.5 liter bottle cage is a hot country touring essential as are a full complement of racks to carry all my gear- tent, stove, clothing, cameras, computer…maybe I should call it the winnabiekgo. . I can’t call it the super asia touring bike anymore because it’s gone beyone Asia into Europe so recently I’ve been calling it the world touring all bike.  All bike because there are parts from all types of bicycles on it.

my road racing bike

This is my road racing bike the second bicycle built by my late friend  Ray Nunes RIP. having been so proud of his first frame, we went all out- truetemper OXRCX tubes and Henry James lug set. Built up for mid season in1996 the bike wears it’s oringinal paint on the frame from the local powder coaters.  The fork was pinted yellow when a pinnned join falled and a reweld and paint job were in order. .PARTS:  Mavic 631 cranks on an old XTR (un91) bottom bracket, 96′ campy athena brakeset, tange headset, campy victory seatpost, selle italia turbomatic II saddle… cinelli pocchio stem and criterium handebars, campy down tube friction shiters., shimano ultegra 9speed derailleurs. race wheels: Ambrosio chrono f20  on ultegra hub and Ambrosio montreal laced to an early campy 8 speed cassette hub. Spokes, dt double butted 14/15/14 of course.

I’ve only won a couple small club races …and placed in a couple local events, but it’s not the bike’s fault, I haven’t got the right engine for road racing.

my xc ride

 This is my cross country racing ride.

 It’s’99 Bontrager privateer s, mostly stock, except the  derailleurs have been up graded(through my spare parts bin)  as well as the seat post,  I got great deals on the first generation xtr v-brakes (in 2007) and  the xt  v-brake levers. Handle bar went to the freeride bike so this now has an Easton bar.

This bike isn’t used much once or twice  a year for an xc  race…maybe 1 ot 2 light off-road  rides… gotta be careful cause it can’t be replaced.  When I bought this bike I test rode atleast  20 bikes…all s a bit o dirt in the test and the Bontrger felt the best off road.  It handles very wwll, it is confidence inspiring- I’ll ride a trail with free ride bike that has 50mm more travel in the fork, fatter tires then I’ll  ride it just as fast and confidenly with the bontrager- no problem.    When I got it I rode it hard off-road twice a week and  then I broke the original rear hub in just 10 weeks-got  a warranty repair on that.

my single speed freeride bike

 This is my single speed freeride bike 2.0.

 We won’t talk about 1.0 but before I retired 1.0 I picked up a 2000 marrzochi jr. t qr20 for cheap on Ebay. Fortunately I was living on the west coast which made finding the frame (at Coquitlum’s Overtime cycles)to go with the fork much easier.  LX v-brakes,  ’92 suntour xc pro micro dive cranks on a shimano ún-54 bottom bracket, no name stem, Bontrager crowbar.  Back wheel is a shmano stx hub with a bunch of spacers, uniglide cog laced to a wobler atx 20 rim and a chain tensioner for good measure.  The front is a bianchi  branded formula hub with a sun rhino lite rim- buit n a twisted snowflake pattern. And some fat tires by IRC that I picked up cheap… at overtime cycles I believe.


A typical ride with this bike is to the trailhead a couple hours off road (preferably up and down a mountain) and back home again.  I did us it for an Ontario-cup super-d race in 2009- placed 3rd in the amateurs over 30 class.

me on track bike2.0

This is my track bike. Version 2.0

Never pictured without me on it racing.

Always equipped with Dura-ace  but I gave up on the hubs after stripping the threads off two rear hubs.  Now I have Phil woods’ which served me we my last 3 years racing.   Ritchey logic headset, campy record set post, Cub roost seat, Salsa stem, Nitto b123 handebar and  KMC chain.  The Phil woods were laced to a wobler profil 20 by dt aero spokes and at the back I use a Mavic cxp 30.  I used a zipp disk and a Gippiemme 416 for championship events.  I also have a set of wheel made of spare parts to use for training on the road- the cheapest dlincher tires I could find (I think I just finnished off the ones that I got for Bicycles St Onge in Granby in 2004 – they sold me exchanged out road tires they couldn’t resell for 5$ a tire I think I had 7)  the hubs and rims were so unimpressive I can’t even tell you what they were.  All I can tell you is heavy, cheap, durable wheels are good for training.


I rode this bike in many races and did quite well.  My favourite tracks are the forest city velodrome:  Trexlertown: and the Dunc Grey down in Sydney.  The frist two have great programs and lots of racing and the latter… well you gotta like anywhere you win a UCI silver medal.

 my wet weather and commuting bike 

This is my wet weather commuter.

It’s the first mountain bike I ever bought. A 1990 miele ajax.  It has been a spare-parts machine since it was my courier work horse in the fall of 1993.  In 97 it had the original drop outs cut and rear facing track tips brazed to the inboard   Cheaper than cheap wheels were built.  I bought cheap hubs that were cheaper ‘cause they were old stock suzue (which soon had the threads stripped off it, was quicky replaced with a mallard hub which continues to roll today) on the rear and ofmega for the front.  Ray who brazed the tips so supplied spokes and Araya rm20 rims…and brakes  I dug  up cranks, bottombracket, stem pedals,   brakelever out of my spare parts bin and I stole the fenders and handlebars off my dad’s 1977CCM esprit which hadn’t been used in years.

Tires.  Tires are one of the most important parts of a bicycle or anyother vehicle for that matter.  I’ve used many over the years, so here’s a list of tires i’ve used good or bad or the good and the bad of various tires.

700C tubulars

Conti sprinter 250- my standard racing tire for most of my racing.  It is tough to beat this tire in terms of durability and weight a bit pricey at 100$ but if you’re racing it make perfect sense.

Conti Giro- not as supple as other cotton tires, not a durable as a sprinter 250 but is half the price.

Conti LA: I bought a pair of these and put them on a set of 1980s roval aero wheels in 1993 and they are still on those rarely used wheels today.. sort of like a sprinter 250 but narrower, ligher and very very slick.

Gomitalia Aurum: a Vittoria corsa cx imitation, rides great, light weight but I quit using them after I melted the latex tube while riding rollers and decided they are not durable enough.

Vittoria Corsa pista- Light, expensive, a very nice ride but the one I bought only lasted a couple months of riding the Forest city velodrome twice a week which I have to say is a bit dissappointing in terms of durabilit, especially for a 100$ tire but it is light, fast and one of the best riding tires I’ve ever put on one of my bicycles.

650a aka  26x 1 3/8 aka 37-590

Michelin world tour: the standard classic 650A tire…. a nice riding cheap tire with moderate durability-2-3000 km.

Kenda-avoid these…to start with they don’t sit right on the rim. They are heavy, the ride quailty is poor and they are not durable- 300- 800km

Schwalbe marathon: I picked one up in Germany- wow I out one of these on the rear wheel of my loaded world tour bicycle and rode it to the north of Scotland and back down to Glasgow with a small detour down the Danube to Hungary.  OK I did put it in a car for 700 km as I savoured the speed of a Merc cls 280 cdi down some german Autobahn.  But really impressive.

CST world traveller: one of the better offerings from Asia I recently put one on my front wheel and rode it from Marrakesh to Ziguinchor and back… but usually on the front wheel…. still quite impressive. But it’s still a ways from matching the Czech Rubena I bought in Norway.

Csina- A Vietnam special cheap like a Kenda but it is lighter, better riding, slightly more durable and best of all it sits on the rim properly.  For 2500 CAFA in Dakkar or 50000 dong in VietNam you can’t really go wrong.

Camel:  A Thai special despite being 4 ply and 200 Thai baht these tires are not so durable I could only make 2500 km on a pair with a will timed tire rotation.  I also found that they really suck back the energy in deformation and heat production when they get soft.

Bridgestone:  Like the Michelin world tour only cheaper and for japanese and Koreans only.

Schwalbe Marathon plus: The daddy of durable bicycle tires, pricey at 50 euros but oh so worth it. I bought one at RIG bike shop in Glasgow for 35 quid and rode it directly down to Morocco with a few small detours like around Ireland, all of the south of England, A zigzag across Germany and around the Baltic sea, but other than that mostly directly to Rabat, Morocco where I replace it with a Schwalbe delta crusier. That took me over 10 months. I did get 1 flat while forging for free food in the brambles in Ireland a few weeks after I purchased the tire and then 3 more as it was wearing thin in Spain. So it is extremely durable and justifies it’s price but it is not the tire for all because aside from being expensive it has other faults like it’s heavy and I’m afraid I can’t say that it rides very nice either- barely a step above some non-pneumatic tires. But overall I’m rather impressed.

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  1. Adrian

    Hello dear Keith and welcome to Romania!

    I didn’t mannage to be at the Sunday training in Mihailesti but i saw some pictures with you and the guys liked you very much,i have my steel bike in training also just like you but you were unbeliveble man!

    Also i want to ask you how long do you intend to stay in Bucharest cuz’ i thought that we could get some day together on a spin!

    Looking forwart to your reply!



    P.S. We are expecting you also on

    21/05/2013 at 00:08

  2. Uwe

    Hey Keith, we met us in Brasov in Center and talk tougether about your world-tour…you remember? 29.05.2013
    We make a picture tougether

    have a nice trip


    29/05/2013 at 18:02

  3. Uwe

    you can see the Picture at facebook

    29/05/2013 at 18:08

  4. Marcel Darmaisin

    Hello Keith
    Bien le bonjour de la Savoie
    Es tu bien arrivé à Chambéry ?
    As tu pris le train pour Carpentras ?
    Je te souhaite une bonne journée au Mont Ventoux
    Marcel Ton ami de route du 13 juillet

    14/07/2013 at 02:33

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