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My Cars

Hey what can I say I was born in North America- I love cars.  But the the car as a thing to move further and faster across land than man could ever do on his own.  Feel the speed.  Okay there is a practical side to cars too.  However every day I look on in horror as I see most people have lost the plot and are stuck in traffic unhappy on their way to work, home or the store.   They are not going futher than man was met to go in  a day, they are not moving fast and they are not carrying more that man was met to carry— they are not enjoying the experience, they should find some other way to go about their business. May I suggest to them a bicycle or public transit.  I love cars that give a special driving experience, go fast, (sports cars) or cars that are ultrapractical (Pick-up trucks, vans, hatch backs…).  I see the point of luxury cars but it’s not for me.  As a Canadian I feel I have the privilege to own as many cars as I want.  The market is over saturated so cars are cheap and Canada has lots of space provided you don’t feel the need to live in a city.  Here is a picture of my own very fun car- a 1999 mazda mx-5 miata with abolutely no options on it except the factory areo kit and bra.  I might post other musings about cars I like and silliness done with motor vehicles here but I am mostly on a hiatus from the car world as I am busy touring the world on a bicycle.

my toy car- black black black 1999 mazda miata

my toy car- black black black 1999 mazda miata


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