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Picture of the week:a cloudy Mcleod ganj, HP, Indian

Picture of the week:a cloudy Mcleod ganj, HP, Indian

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  1. Marlon & Ramona

    Hi Keith,

    nice seeing you enjoy india, sounds like you spent quite a bit of time there and not only rushing thru it,
    so go on and enjoy.
    would be nice to hear/read from you.

    We made our way as far as Indonesia yet.
    spent some time relaxing on a small island, and tryed surfing – it was great fun until the surfboard hit me realy bad in the face, luckily i only got a cut and not a brocken nose 😉
    How are your finger by the way?
    don’t forget to visit us if you pass austia – you are warmly invited!

    All the best
    Marlon and Ramona

    07/09/2012 at 12:18

    • keith

      Hi Ramona amnd Marlon
      I hope all is well in Austria. Sadly I haven”t seen too much of India as exhaustion was always near by and he caught me about 10 days ago I’m now in Delhi about to pondering my next move likely a flight to Turkey where I acan quit touring and rest up by getting a job.

      07/09/2012 at 12:57

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